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From Artero Alain <>
Subject RE: RE: MSQL server has gone away ( )
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 08:53:02 GMT

Could you send me your script so that I can try to write my own workaround.
Is your script integrated within ?


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Sent: mercredi, 31. janvier 2001 16:23
Subject: Re: RE: MSQL server has gone away ( )

I ran into a similar problem while using MySQL and Apache::AuthDBI.

I had a remote MySQL server that my apache web server connected to and used
for authentication.  Every so often (no pattern to this) the connection to
MySQL would drop but MySQL would still be functioning properly.  

The only way I was able to detect whether the connection to MySQL was viable
was to write my own script that would attempt to reconnect to MySQL and
attempt to execute an actual query.  Pinging from MySQL => Apache wouldn't

BTW, the symptom that would present itself when the connection dropped was
that apache would max out and NO URL requests would be processed.

Artero Alain <> wrote:
> Is there someone using the combination DBI, AuthDBI and  mSQL ?
> I am wondering whether the "ping method" for msql in DBD::Msql exists
> already.
> PS:Thanks for your answer Daniel.
> Alain

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