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From "Kyle Dawkins" <>
Subject Re: Using modperl as an 'adaptor' front end to an app server.
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 03:27:24 GMT
Yo ho ho

> > However, it wasn't a full implementation of the adaptor and didn't work
> > KeepAlive requests and so forth.
> Hmm.. given the source to the adaptor, and being able to turn debugging
> on, it looks pretty simple.

Absolutely... we'd need to sift thru the adaptor source and piece together
something that emulates it.  My version was purely to sniff traffic to see
what was going between Apache and the WO apps.

> > I have often dreamt of writing a drop-in mod_perl replacement for the WO
> > adaptor... I have never worked anywhere where they didn't have trouble
> > configuring the Apache adaptor, particularly if their webservers were
> > Linux.   If you're interested in pursuing this, drop me a line and we
can jam
> > on the topic for a bit.  I also know the guy who wrote the hairy C code
> > he might have some insight into how to reimplement it.
> Will do. Would that happen to be Steve Quirk?

You got it.

I am quite serious about getting it to work.  WO 4.5 is a different beast
from 4.0, though, with the introduction of wotaskd.  Still, it's all
XML-based so maybe we can leverage a lot of what's out there to get it up
and running.  Man, it'd be great to have a mod_perl adaptor.  Minimise the
number of postings to the WO mailing list about getting the stupid adaptor
to work, at any rate. :-)


kyle dawkins

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