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From Vivek Khera <>
Subject Re: the edge of chaos
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 16:10:25 GMT
>>>>> "J" == Justin  <> writes:

J> When things get slow on the back end, the front end can fill with
J> 120 *requests* .. all queued for the 20 available modperl slots..
J> hence long queues for service, results in nobody getting anything,

You simply don't have enough horsepower to serve your load, then.

Your options are: get more RAM, get faster CPU, make your application
smaller by sharing more code (pretty much whatever else is in the
tuning docs), or split your load across multiple machines.

If your front ends are doing nothing but buffering the pages for the
mod_perl backends, then you probably need to lower the ratio of
frontends to back ends from your 6 to 1 to something like 3 to 1.

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