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From Eric Strovink <>
Subject Re: RFC: mod_perl advocacy project resurrection
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 19:29:29 GMT
A number of people have been beating around this bush, so why not just mow it down?

A huge win for advocacy would be a small set of complete example applications
targetted at, say, the last two RedHat distros.  Each application should install
itself -- .conf files, .htaccess files, dbm's, directory structures, perl code,
html and templates, correct version of Perl, CPAN packages for any stuff needed,
Apache, mod_perl, mod_ssl, mod_whatever, mysql, database schemas, database
contents, DBI, Session, front-end proxy -- everything.  Each application should
gronk whatever's already there, or rename it out of the way.  Warnings in big
letters.  Tough doots.

Each application package should contain dumbed-down documentation that explains
what it does, and how it does it.

The idea would be to put into people's hands several different complete, debugged,
sophisticated frameworks for building the rest of their application.  All the hard
stuff's done -- .conf, proxying, DBI, session control, cookies, templating,
compiling, building, and so on.  All the newbie has to do is tweak an
already-working example, without necessarily understanding all of what s/he's been

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