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From "J. J. Horner" <>
Subject Re: RFC: mod_perl advocacy project resurrection
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 16:57:11 GMT
On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 11:46:38PM +0800, Gunther Birznieks wrote:
> Maybe Randal's company (which I *think* specializes in training among other 
> things) could help in that area -- the idea of mod_perl certification is 
> more intriguing I think than just plain perl certification.

Now this is something I would like.  I am not big on certs (I don't have a single
one), but if I were to get one, this would be it.  I like mod_perl, and although
I have only really started writing one public mod_perl module (anyone remember
Apache-AuthExpire?  Didn't think so, browser differences killed it), and I've
written numerous custom stuff for work (sorry can't go into detail), I'm light
on content handlers.  I'm more backend, since I am not the most creative knife
in the box.

If I could get certified with mod_perl from [merlyn] and have the certification
jive with the creators, it would help me considerably when I market myself as 
a hired-gun mod_perl coder.

And we all remember the M$ scheme of an army of papered drones chanting "Microsoft
is great!".  We all now that it sold M$ software more than the software really did.

If we can get an elite force of mod_perl hackers on the scene to spread the gospel,
we would see a big boon to mod_perl press and support.

Just my unlearned $0.02.

J. J. Horner

"The people who vote decide nothing.
The people who count the vote decide everything."
	- Josef Stalin

"The tree of liberty must be watered periodically with the 
blood of tyrants and patriots alike. ... Resistance to tyrants
is obedience to God."
	- Thomas Jefferson

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