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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Re: Simple program _setting_ REMOTE_ADDR
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 04:26:25 GMT
On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Steve van der Burg wrote:

> Ack!  That was pretty stupid of me.  It doesn't explain why
>     SetEnvIf Request_URI "/cgi-bin/VENDOR" REMOTE_ADDR=
> didn't work, but I can take that to the Apache folks.

It's because mod_cgi sets the environment variable just before it
runs the program (and thus overriding whatever you set before).

A fixup handler to set the fake ip address (as you figured out) and
possibly a loghandler to set remote_ip to the right address again is
the way to go.

 - ask

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