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From Nigel Hamilton <>
Subject Perl Registry ... Memory consumption.
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 10:16:03 GMT
	I've been trying to setup mod_perl in an Apache/Red Hat 
Linux/mySQL environment for the last couple of weeks.
	When running Apache::Registry on production, mod_perl chewed up
all the available memory (at that stage only 64 Meg) and the system
started to use swap memory. 

	So we doubled the memory to 128 Meg and over the next 10 minutes
of using the site (having restarted the server) we watched as all the
extra memory was used up and it went back into swap!

	So here are some questions:

1. What is a 'ball-park' figure for mod_perl memory requirements?

2. What is the entry level spec for a mod_perl/Apache/Linux server?

3. Should I reduce the number of Apache child processes (currently 10) ...
to reduce memory consumption?

4. Will mod_perl always ramp up its memory consumption to whatever is

5. Should we throw money at the problem and just buy more memory?

6. I have not been able to get Apache::DBI to work. Will Apache::DBI
significantly reduce memory consumption (every script opens a DB handle
for session checking)?

	Any help, and war stories that you may have would be much
appreciated ...


On Sun, 2 Jul 2000, Christopher Suarez wrote:

> I'm running rh linux 6.2 on a laptop and have tried for sometime to get
> apache::DBI runnning.
> modperl wokrs fine with apache but when I add the line 
> PerlModule Apache::DBI to srm.conf, httpd.conf or "use Apache::DBI" to
> and then PerlRequire /path/ to httpd.conf it won't
> work. apache will start ok(saying it's using mod_perl) but won't shut down
> ok and error_log doesn't
> say anythings wrong. 
> the webserver won't response on contacting in a browser it'll
> response connection refused. 
> versions:
> apache-1.3.12-2
> apache-devel-1.3.12-2
> perl-2.00503-10
> perl-DBI-1.13-1
> perl-DBD-msql-mysql-1.2210-1
> perl-Apache-DBI-0.01-2
> perl-Apache-DBILogin-1.5-2
> perl-Apache-DBILogger-0.93-2
> perl-Apache-RedirectDBI-0.01-2
> mod_perl-1.21-10
> strange???

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