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From Kristopher Lalletti <>
Subject RE: apache::DBI
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 22:06:34 GMT
Okay, so if it seems that Redhat 6.1/6.2 Apache & mod_perl is broken..
Anyone have a good guide/website to get apache & mod_perl compiled properly?
I've been reading the fine manuals and compiled httpd with mod_perl (by
using the Makefile.PL from the mod_perl src tree.)

When I list the modules compiled in the httpd, I do see the mod_perl.c ,
however, trying to get the server up and running just fails.  It does the
same thing as I would add the keyword 
PerlModule Apache::DBI in the httpd.conf from the out-of-the-box apache &
mod_perl from redhat 6.2 (the httpd seems to load, but it dies, because I'm
unable to telnet on port 80 and there are no logs of the crash).


-----Original Message-----
From: Guo Bin []
Sent: July 2, 2000 9:18 PM
To: Christopher Suarez;
Subject: Re: apache::DBI

Though not using rh 6.2, my experience on 6.1 was the
same --- apache will crash whenever use Apache::DBI
is included in httpd.conf. I'm now using manually
compiled apache and modperl and they are working fine.
Hope this will also work for 6.2.

On small glitch, Apache::Status cannot show Apache::DBI
connections on rh 6.1 i386, while the same setting works
on a rh 6.1 sparc!
Guo Bin

--- Christopher Suarez <> wrote:
> I'm running rh linux 6.2 on a laptop and have tried for
> sometime to get
> apache::DBI runnning.
> modperl wokrs fine with apache but when I add the line 
> PerlModule Apache::DBI to srm.conf, httpd.conf or "use
> Apache::DBI" to
> and then PerlRequire /path/ to
> httpd.conf it won't
> work. apache will start ok(saying it's using mod_perl)
> but won't shut down
> ok and error_log doesn't
> say anythings wrong. 
> the webserver won't response on contacting in a
> browser it'll
> response connection refused. 
> versions:
> apache-1.3.12-2
> apache-devel-1.3.12-2
> perl-2.00503-10
> perl-DBI-1.13-1
> perl-DBD-msql-mysql-1.2210-1
> perl-Apache-DBI-0.01-2
> perl-Apache-DBILogin-1.5-2
> perl-Apache-DBILogger-0.93-2
> perl-Apache-RedirectDBI-0.01-2
> mod_perl-1.21-10
> strange???

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