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From Kristopher Lalletti <>
Subject basic setup of mod_perl
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2000 15:12:37 GMT

	I've been trying for a few weeks now to get something as easy as
simple as Apache::DBI working on my Apache 1.3.12 with mod_perl 1.21 (both
out of the box with redhat 6.2) so I can have a persistent database
connection with my apps using DBD:Oracle

	The problem is quite simple, as soon as I mention PerlModule
Apache::DBI or any other module in the httpd.conf, the httpd starts-up and
craps-out without a single sign (nothing shows-up in the logs).. Now, is
there something that I'm not doing? I've read every sinle man page regarding
the Apache::DBI and it's installation and I've come up with nothing.


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