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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: Coldfusion vs. apache/mod_perl
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 23:09:06 GMT
Paul Lindner wrote:
> > IMHO, mod_perl applications easily out-performed our CF apps.
> >
> > One plus for coldfusion, there seems to be more CF developers out there (at
> > least in Austin, TX) but that may be a sign that very few people are using CF.
> >
> > My opinion: stick to mod_perl, it won't let you down.
> I've been toying with using the Apache::ASP custom tag feature to
> support cold-fusion like applications.  I don't think it will be too
> hard; reading the spec it appears you need to make a list of named
> queries and then use <cfoutput> tags with #fieldname# entries.
> This is absurdly simple with Joshua's new Apache::ASP.  Just define
> cfoutput as a custom tag, and write a small handler for it.
> I'll have to look up the other tags they support, but they shouldn't
> be too hard to implement...
> Has anyone else out there wrote their own cold-fusion routines?

Hey Paul,

I think you will have a problem with cold fusion templating
logic like if/else constructs.  For these, I would recommend
having something like a ColdFusionCompat config setting, and we 
could rip out some of these are parse time and convert them into the 
ASP style constructs.

I am planning to use this approach for support of XSP logic
for XML/XSLT integration, and can't see how to use the custom 
tags for full logic implementations of other environments,
particularly the if/else contructs.  Might there be some
way to extend the XMLSubsMatch technology to coordinate 
between multiple tags?

I think what we need to is something like a Script_OnParse
that one could use to grab the script data and parse it
before the ASP to perl compiler gets to it.  This would 
allow for some experimentation out of the code base before
merging in something big like XSP or ColdFusion support.

-- Joshua

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