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From "Eric Cholet" <>
Subject Re: User pressed stop?
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 11:21:31 GMT
> Every so often I get:
> Broken pipe: client stopped connection before rflush completed
> In my error log. Is that the "user pressed stop" condition? AxKit just
> sends raw files (unless in no_cache mode), i.e. it sets $r->filename() and
> then returns DECLINED. Do I need to handle this, or can I just ignore it?

ap_rflush is called to write data to the client, but the write fails.
It's a normal "user pressed stop" condition, ap_rflush issues the
info message and sets c->aborted so that subsequent writes will not
reach the network. You can ignore the message, it is printed because you
have LogLevel >= info. 


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