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From "Peter Teoh" <>
Subject Re: Your input for "Apache Rules" article
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 17:44:41 GMT
My humble input to the use of Apache:

The reasons are simple and interelated:

a.   Support:   Who used and support Apache currently?   Apache is supported
by a world-wide team of programmers who worked with great interest and
enthusiasm on it.   I can rely very much on the quality of the support from
this worldwide collaboration.   As for any other software, as long as their
user base is smaller, and when bugs occurred, they are more likely to be
difficult to discover, tracked and then solved, given the complexity of
modern software development.   An example is iPlanet 4.1, which I have
recently used for my project.   Sometimes intermittently it will display
some textual garbage together with the HTML (could be due to loading of
stylesheets and then displaying it in the browser).   I just need to refresh
it and the textual garbage goes away.    But the next time I jump to that
same URL again it did not display the textual garbage.   It happened whether
it be at the server side or over the LAN at the client side.   Only happened
once in a while, intermittently.   I have not reported it, because it is
impossible to consistently reproduce the effect.

b.  Integration with thirdparty software:   So many software I am interested
in (Firewall, PHP, PERL, MySQL, ORACLE etc) are available on the Linux
platform, and they are really easy to install and integrate with all other
software/webserver, given the deluge of documentation and support on the
Web.   Unlik the case of other Webserver, where integration with many other
software is still unknown to me (eg, iPlanet + PHP?   as quoted from PHP
documentation "some of the output is missing" is still prevalent when
working with Netscape webserver).

c.   OS platform:  My favorite OS is Linux, so what better webserver can I
used than Apache?   This OS is created based on OpenSource, and so is
Apache.   The integration is tight, and support is good, and reliable.   I
never had some crashes in Linux unlike the case of NT4 where it happened so

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From: "Stas Bekman" <>
To: "mod_perl list" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 1:10 PM
Subject: Your input for "Apache Rules" article

> Folks, please help Thomas to prove the 39.5% of those who don't use
> Apache, that they should reconsider that.
> Note that Thomas has agreed to get this forwarded to the list. Please
> reply directly to him. We (the list) know what you are going to tell :)
> Thank you.
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> Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 12:45:11 -0700
> From: Thomas Sullivan <>
> To: "''" <>
> Subject: Apache Question
> Hi Stas,
> I am a writer for ENT (, a computer publication, working on
> story about the use of Apache among Fortune 500 companies. I was hoping
> could answer a few questions. I can either use your name and any
> information you provide (company, title, etc.) or I would be happy to keep
> you anonymous as well.
> 1 How does the project plan to enhance the product to gain market share?
> 2 Why do you think that Apache is so popular, other than the fact that is
> free?
> 3 Although Netscape, iPlanet, is strongest in the top 10 of the Fortune
> some really important companies use Apache, such as HP, Motorola and
> These companies also are not likely to opt for one solution over another
> just because of price. What are the key reasons they chose Apache?
> Even if you could answer these via email, I'd  appreciate it. My deadline
> tomorrow, Friday, May 26.
> Thanks,
> Tom
> Thomas Sullivan
> Features Editor
> ENT, The Independent Newspaper for Windows NT/2000 Enterprise Computing
> (206) 284-8208

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