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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Re: High-volume mod_perl based ecommerce sites?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 01:23:46 GMT
On Thu, 25 May 2000, Michael Nachbaur wrote:

> This site will have major traffic, will need to be extended and
> changed (a lot), and needs to scale very well.  My experience with
> Perl (as well as what I've heard from other developers) is that Perl
> turns to spaghetti rapidly once you hit the 10,000 line mark.  I know
> Perl can handle the performance.  What are your experiences with
> extendability and readability of code?

That Perl works very well in those areas.

The slightly longer story: At ValueClick we have far more than 10000 lines
of code (can't find an easy way to make a count right now, but I think
it's about 50000, highly reused and moduarlized and what have you not).
Our site served about 100 million dynamic impressions yesterday, mod_perl
in the front end and all our backend applications are in Perl too.

Bad programmers will screw up code in any languge. The "problem" for Perl
is just that it takes a lot less to get productive and useful, which puts
more less experienced people to the code. At ValueClick we're getting
pretty far with having our version control system sending mail to everyone
on the team with the diff everytime someone commits. That way no change
goes unnoticed and it makes it easy for the more experienced to catch
mistakes and give advice to the less experienced.

But this topic goes far beyond the scope of this mailinglist. :)

To not end up with a mess of a code pile and development process, your
usual deal of good practices and methods applies for any language,
including Perl.

Favorite books on the topic includes the mythical man month and
"Rapid Development - Taming Wild Software Schedules" (yup,
it's a MicroSoft product, but it's truly recommended).

 - ask

ask bjoern hansen - <>
more than 70M impressions per day, <>

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