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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: global variables and reparsing question (low priority ;)
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 19:25:36 GMT
On Fri, 26 May 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> I know this and I have no problems with that (as I made very clear in my
> last mail). But when mod_perl requires special programming techniques this
> does not mean that code not using that techniques is "broken anyway", as
> dougm said, at least not in perl. It might be "broken code", but then the
> language is not perl (where the problematic technique is documented to
> work in perltoot).

when i said 'broken', that is shorthand for, you need to change your code
so it can deal with being reloaded.  which, is valid in the Perl language.
> As I explained I was getting defensive simply because _not_ all are
> friends here. I am still defensive because calling somebody else's code
> broken should not be done so lightly.

you shouldn't take offense to what i said, it was not directed at you
alone, i've said it plenty of times before you brought it up.  just as
i've said using 'exit()' is broken, along with any other code that makes
assumptions about it's calling environment.
> What happened, if you go back and read the thread, is that I had a question
> and had a very hard time explaining what I actually meant (because my initial
> mails were simply not verbose enough on the problem). Many responses
> (especially the private ones) were very aggressive, so "we are all friends"
> is a myth.

i didn't see any "aggressive" responses on the list, if mine came across
that way, i apoligize, i certainly didn't mean to.  i've spent a great
deal of time trying to help people on this list over the past 4 years and
trying to make mod_perl better at the same time.  my responses tend to be
short and to the point to optimize my time, i'm a really friendly guy in
person :)

> Since this is my first contact with modperl, however, this just means that
> I wasn't able to adjust myself to the tone on (and around) the modperl
> mailinglist.. Next time I will simply ignore most of the responses.

i think the tone in general on this list is *very* positive and friendly,
much more so than the few other lists i subscribe to.  don't let one
misunderstanding discourage you, harsh words are very rare here.

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