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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: mod_perl 1.24 testing keeps failing
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 19:09:53 GMT
On Fri, 26 May 2000, Mark Murphy wrote:
> I have one more issue with the "make test" for mod_perl. The documentation 
> indicates that SSL doesn't like /dev/null and that SSLDisable is set. Well, 
> after changing /dev/null and making sure SSLDisable is set in the httpd.conf 
> file, I was still getting an error with mod_ssl

where did you change /dev/null ?
> [Thu May 25 19:34:31 2000] [error] mod_ssl: Init: Failed to generate temporary 5
> 12 bit RSA private key

no idea on this one, maybe a permission problem?  strace might help:
% make start_httpd
% strace -f -s1024 -o strace.out -p `cat t/logs/`
% make run_tests
% make kill_httpd

there's probably an open() call in strace.out to generate the tmp key.
> I had to comment out the LoadModule for libssl in the test httpd.conf file. Once 
> I did that I got results. During the "make test" for mod_perl I received 1 
> failure.

> modules/ssi.........FAILED before any test output arrived

no cause for alarm.  the #perl ssi directive is disable when mod_perl is
built as a dso, the test should be skipped too, must be a flaw in the test

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