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From Winged Wolf <>
Subject Re: Urgent: remove password from server cert?
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 03:10:35 GMT
(Ralf: Documentation bug, see below for details)

This is addressed in the FAQ: .

"When you can be sure that your server is secure enough you perform two

1. Remove the encryption from the RSA private key (while perserving the
original file):

	$ cp server.key
	$ openssl rsa -in -out server.key

2. Make sure the server.key file is now only readable by root:

	$ chmod 400 server.key

Now server.key will contain an unencrypted copy of the key.  If you point
your server at this file it will not prompt you for a pass-phrase.
HOWEVER, if anyone gets this key they will be able to impersonate you on
the net.  PLEASE make sure that the permissions on that file are really
such that only root or the web server user can read it (preferably get
your web server to start as root but run as another server, and have the
key readable only by root)."

Ralf: document bug, it says "preferably get your webserver to start as
root but run as another server".  That should read ' another user".

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On Wed, 31 May 2000, Paul wrote:

> In a sudden (and late) moment of epiphany, I just realized (while
> writing a note to our CSA to please put the new server's startup in the
> machines boot cycle) that when we reboot (*every* monday morning in the
> wee hours) it's not terribly likely that anyone's going to be around to
> feed the password to the startup query.
> This really needs to be automated.
> Help? =o)
> Paul
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