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From (Alan E. Derhaag)
Subject converting HTTP to another protocol
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 22:12:50 GMT
I've drawn the duty of using the apache server with mod_perl with its
wealth of socket handling capabilities to handle a protocol
conversion.  The PerlTransHandler gets the input too late, however, to
allow the conversion since Apache assumes three elements will come on
the connection request: a method (like GET), a URI and the HTML
version assumed to be used.  The protocol I am trying to match,
however, only sends two elements: the protocol type and its version
(no URI is needed).  The balance of the connection information
(headers) are consistent enough with standard HTTP to not be
considered a problem.  When only two elements are received, Apache
drops out of receive mode and doesn't wait for any header information.
I've thought of using mod_write to fake the additional information but
there are timeout constraints (Keepalive, starting a timer) that would
not allow this.

Is there a way, short of modifying apache source to allow taking only
two elements on the connect and still allow headers to be received?

Alan E. Derhaag    Consultant from Interactive Business Systems
phone: 206-336-2972                          Consultant to N2H2

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