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From (Alan E. Derhaag)
Subject Re: converting HTTP to another protocol
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 23:27:32 GMT
James G Smith <JGSmith@TAMU.Edu> writes:

> >Is there a way, short of modifying apache source to allow taking only
> >two elements on the connect and still allow headers to be received?
> If you mean two elements in the for `method URI', then I would strongly advise 
> against it.  This is the version 0.9 HTTP request.  While almost all web 
> clients today are at least HTTP/1.0, this doesn't mean all are.  If the client 
> sends two elements which are not recognized as a method and URI by a person, 
> Apache will probably respond with a 400 Bad Request error.  You might be able 
> to trap this and do something with it at that point (?) .

Actually, I was meaning `method version', skipping the URI entirely of
`method URI version'.  I'm not concerned about meeting any HTTP
standards as the configuration would negate any capability of
processing HTTP protocol.  The server would be dedicated to responding
to two types of requests but those would be part of a Keepalive
connection so I'm only concerned about the being able to receive the
full compliment of header information on the connection request.
Further input later on would off load a request to a `C' program to
process while the server keeps the connection open sending poll
messages to the requester until there is actual data to return.  Only
then would the connection be dropped.

Mod_perl handlers appear to give me the functionality I need to
process requests after the initial connection while apache supplies
the socket handling to respond to multiple (session) requests if
needed.  I will modify the apache source if that it what is required
but it would appear the mod_perl handlers should be able to give me
all the capability that I would need to manipulate with the apache

Alan E. Derhaag    Consultant from Interactive Business Systems
phone: 206-336-2972                          Consultant to N2H2

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