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From Andreas Piesk <>
Subject Re: Problem with Apache::DBI 0.87
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2000 18:46:13 GMT
On Fri, 03 Mar 2000 21:54:30 +0100, you wrote:

>Andreas Piesk wrote:
>> hiho,
>> i've the same problem. first i tried it wth the stock rpms, but the i
>> recomplied the whole thing (apache, perl, mod_perl, dbi, apacheDBI,
>> dbd::sybase) from the sources. but the result is the same. all httpd
>> childs died silently immediately after startup. no log entries.
>> perhaps someone can give some hints what the heck the reason for this
>> is and how i can fix it. is the bad guy perl, apache, mod_perl or what
>> ? and please hurry, i stay in direct competition with ASP-Skripter and
>> it would be a shame to loose against IIS4+ASP :) and unfortunatly i
>> need persistent db connections badly :(
>> i provide any info you wanted. below the standard.
>> hope someone can light me
>> ciao -ap
>are you really sure they died or didn't they come up at all ?
>In the latter case our configuration is wrong. If the 
>connect during server startup does not succeed, your server 
>won't start until the connect times out.


i don't connect to any server at startup, for now at least :)

your first question is a little bit difficult to answer, because i get
absolutely no info what's happen at startup. but i know for sure the
childs are starting. i can see 11 httpd in my process list,
unfortunately for a short time only. after approx. 5 seconds ALL httpd
processes are gone. reason: unknown.
the master process reported via EXIT_CODE a successful startup but did
not wrote the startup message in the logs.
any hints ? 

ciao -ap
 Andreas Piesk
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