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From Autarch <>
Subject Re: mod_perl/DBI threaded message boards
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2000 23:44:31 GMT
On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Paul Sharpe wrote:

> I've looked at Bazaar and wwwthreads in the last month and wwwthreads
> looked the more polished of the two, certainly as far as installation
> goes.  It's cheap but not OSS however. clearly rate it.
> They're the heaviest user I've seen and I'm pretty sure they use
> mod_perl although I don't know whether they do so on their message
> boards or how much tweaking they've done to wwwthreads.

Well, I've looked at both and I don't know what you're referring to,
assuming you looked at Bazaar 3 (which is quite a rewrite since the 2.x
series). Admittedly, I've only looked at wwwthreads 3.51 (the last GPL
release) but I doubt it's changed all that much since the demo they offer
is based on this release and they indicate that the newer release is
evolutionary rather than a rewrite.

Here's a few advantages Bazaar has (as of v3, which is currently in Beta):

- w3t creates separate tables for each message board. This is really
inefficient.  Bazaar doesn't do this.

- Bazaar is developing an OO API for accessing its data.  This makes it
easier to extend.  For example, writing code to link Bazaar to a mailing
list software (in both directions) would probably be easier than with w3t.

- It should be easier to integrate Bazaar with an existing user model
because the user code exists in a single module with a defined API as
opposed to w3t's mess.

- Bazaar uses bound parameters and doesn't use user input as a table name.
See the recent threads on bugtraq for why this is such a huge security

Basically, w3t was written by someone who can't program.  Since the
commercial version is still being developed by the same person, I can't
imagine its gotten much better, particularly since he's now unlikely to
receive significant help from the community at large.

Bazaar, IMHO, while maybe not as feature-rich, is higher quality code.
And it's GPL (and will stay that way).  Put those two together and I think
it has a lot more potential than w3t.

I do agree that the install has a way to go (if I get some time I might be
able to work on this).  I also plan to write a w3t(3.51) => Bazaar


We await the New Sun

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