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From Autarch <>
Subject Re: Adfu, Error
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 02:11:13 GMT
On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Lee Hoffman wrote:

> Hi all, Im writing in a last desperate attempt to get BSI /slashdot's adfu
> ad manager code up and running. I have the latest versions of mod_perl,

> P.S. You guys can take a look at the source code at

Ugh, I just did.  I love Slashdot and all but that code is pretty crappy
(as is the slashcode itself).

Almost none of the DBI calls seem to be checked for errors (and RaiseError
isn't on).

It's filled with random globals.  HTML is mixed into the code all over the

Overall, it's pretty crappy.  If your company _really_ needs an adserver
running under mod_perl I'd suggest you look elsewhere.


We await the New Sun

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