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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: feature request: "Add-to" handlers instead of "Replace" handlers
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 06:25:51 GMT
On 16 Feb 2000, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

> It appears that for a given PerlMumbleHandler, the most specific scope
> is used, like if a PerlFixupHandler is defined for a directory, it
> supercedes any parent directory definition.  Certainly, if two
> handlers are defined at the *same* "narrowness", we get both of them,
> so the problem is not that it can't be done, but that it *isn't*
> done. :)
> What I'd like is an easy way to *push* an extra handler for a narrower
> scope, so that I don't mess up a handler that's expected to be in
> place for an entire area.  Maintenance is getting to be a headache
> on all my specialized directories.

this has actually been in the ToDo for a few years, and was pushed to the
modperl-2.0/ToDo a year or so ago:
- improve the "stacked handlers" implementation, including:
  + config merging of AV*'s

you could actually pull it off today using a directive handler to override
Perl*Handler and merge the handlers, then use a PerlDispatchHandler to
call them.  but that's a bit too much effort.  another short-term option
would be you have your config generated in <Perl> sections, and handle the
merging there.

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