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From Robin Berjon <>
Subject Re: mod_perl verses IIS/ASP etc
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 20:56:01 GMT
At 12:12 29/02/2000 +0000, David Mitchell wrote:
>* ease of development

Just my anecdotal 2c...

I once took part in a contest to create an online game system which on the
user side would be based on Flash and not HTML. No big diff really as long
as you can easily play with the HTTP responses you give. Two teams were
competing, one using IIS/ASP and the other mod_perl. The first used five
supposedly experienced ASP programmer, and the other was just me. I'm not a
mod_perl super guru, much less was I that over a year ago.

I won *easily*. I finished the system in three days where they took ten, it
was faster and nearly bug free (even though I hadn't been through pains of
optimisation or anything). Now maybe they weren't as good as they were
supposed to be, but they discribed what they had to do to be able to send
the right bits of Flash files using redirects all over the place instead of
pointing directly to it (because they couldn't) which had an obvious
performance and many other such trouble.

I think you should consider developer time, I find ASP in VB takes ages to
code correctly because the language isn't powerful at all. And ISAPI
extensions are a *real* pain to debug.

"What I like about deadlines is the lovely whooshing sound they make as
they rush past." --Douglas Adams

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