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From Aaron Johnson <>
Subject Re: Perl 5.6 and mod_perl
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 14:53:35 GMT

These issues are very resent in the archives of the mailing list.
Did you look there?
Did you look on CPAN for the latest copy of mod_perl?

I have mod_perl 1.22 with Apache 1.3.12 and Perl 5.6 on Linux with kernel
2.0.35 with libs that are just as old.  This includes a large number of
additional modules one of which is DBI.

I saw another post that said they were getting seg faults, that can or maybe
caused by a module other then mod_perl.  There was a strange issue with Emperl
that was causing a seg fault on the above, but the author of Embperl quickly
fixed it and it is available in CVS section of Embperl.  May want to see what
you have for handlers and run the server without them to see if it is infact a
mod_perl issue.

I am going to be duplicating on SuSE 6.3 , RH 6.1 and RH 6.0 this week.  I
will post my success stories here, if there are any. :^)

Aaron Johnson

Jeff Stuart wrote:

> Has anyone tried to use mod_perl with perl 5.6 yet?  If so, how did it go?
> Oh, are we still at 1.21 for mod_perl?  If so, when's the next release?  I
> hear that there are some important memory leak fixes in there.
> --
> Jeff Stuart

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