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From Andy Johnson <>
Subject Re: Possible addition
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 15:22:40 GMT

Russell Walker wrote:

> Hi,
> First off, great site, I think its great what you guys are doing with
> Perl. Open source and the sharing of code are things that really make
> me proud to be a programmer.
> Anyway...:)
> In my personal (humble) option is it would be great if there was some
> simple examples of how to 'make' the mod_perl in with Apache.  I'm an
> intern and have little experience doing this type of thing so, looking
> around the CPAN and other doc sites have resulted in limited success
> in how to do this.  I'm also adding JServ and SSL to the Apache which
> makes it a little more difficult.  Sites like CPAN and this one make
> all the difference when people like myself try to learn the nitty
> gritty.
> Thanks for all your help!
> Russell

The INSTALL* files in the distribution detail installation in a variety
of environments and situations.  I've always found them to be consise
and easy-to-understand.  The INSTALL.simple file just lists the commands
necessary to grab Apache and mod_perl and have mod_perl handle all

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