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From Aaron Johnson <>
Subject Bundle::Apache
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 23:10:06 GMT
I am posting for discussion purposes.  I am not having trouble with my
install(ed) mod_perl or Apache.

I just installed mod_perl and apache and I wanted to save time so I used
CPAN to install the modules using Bundle::Apache.  Is the order of
install correct?  I saw a few modules fail because others were not
installed yet, but the same module that caused the failure was later
installed.  I know there are a lot of modules that need to install and
it is possible that some modules need to be installed by hand or at
least after the initial run of Bundle inside of CPAN.

The first module it tries to install is mod_perl, is the the right

Should it be included in the Bundle::Apache?
That seems like a very robust module to just have CPAN install for you,
since everyone generally passes it some kind of parameters yes?
If Bundle::Apache should install mod_perl shouldn't it install last?
(C|Sh)ould mod_perl be made to be CPAN aware so it will ask extra
questions on configuration?

Apache::Stage failed, but installed afterwards because the module that
was missing was later installed inside the Bundle.  I realize some
modules are better at notifing CPAN that they need other modules to
proceed then others.

If there is way currently to pass the variables inside CPAN please let
me know.

Again, I am not having trouble with my install.  Just curious about

Aaron Johnson

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