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From Alan Burlison <>
Subject Re: [OT] Which Unix
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 16:22:16 GMT
Karyn Ulriksen wrote:

>    No. I beg to differ.  It is free for deployment now.  I expressly asked
> Sun regarding this question.  Solaris 7 was free for development only,
> Solaris 8 is free for commercial usage.  However, it is true that the
> distribution is free for machines with only 8 cpus or less, but a thorough
> reading of the licensing and discussions with Sun indicate that on machines
> such as E4500 are OK UNTIL you reach the 8 cpu limitation.

Crossed wires I think - I was referring to Oracle being free for
development & evaluation.  Solaris is indeed free for any machine
capable of only 8 CPUs or less.  The Solaris 8 source code will also be
available for free in 60 days, now Solaris 8 has shipped.

Alan Burlison
Solaris Kernel Development, Sun Microsystems

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