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From Aaron Ross <>
Subject Re: [new module] Apache::ParseRequest updates
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:44:29 GMT
hi Matt!

 while it is illegal to have multiple cookies of the same name, several versions
of netscape return multiples... :( grabs the first it finds, assuming, 
i believe correctly, that it is also the most recent. 
 why don't you just store the Apache::Cookie object and let people do what 
they want later? 


> On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Geoffrey Young wrote:
> > In trying to make a consistent interface for this, I noticed that
> > Apache::Cookie does not behave as Apache::Request - specifically, it isn't
> > blessed into Apache::Table, and the do(), get(), etc methods are not
> > available.  Does it make sense to make these two modules behave similarly?
> Not really. Cookies have much more depth - there's more than just key/value
> - there's domain,path,secure and expires as well. I'm not even sure cookies
> fit that well into your hash implementation, but ah well :)
> > as an aside, whilst I was testing, I read through the cookie spec (RFC 2109
> > at and couldn't find anything on
> > multiple cookies with the same name.  Is this a scenario that should be
> > dealt with as well, or is it illegal/not supported?
> illegal. When you try and set a cookie of the same name it should delete
> the last one of that name.
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