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From Aaron Ross <>
Subject Re: TicketAccess (was: Re: UN-Authenticating users?)
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 12:56:58 GMT
Hi Michael!

 I would certainly be interested. If you send me a copy of the modules 
privately, I would be happy to try them out. 


> Speaking of TicketAccess...
> Ive implemented a variant of TicketAccess/TicketMaster
> from the ideas in the Eagle book as well as ideas of
> other people that I found in the list archives.
> It seems that several people have implemented this sort
> of system.  If there is interest, I would be willing to
> package this up and put it up on CPAN. I think it would
> probably be useful.  Ive written it so that 
> Apache::TicketTool can just be subclassed to customize
> behaviour, and overload the generation of pages that the
> user sees.  
> My differences from the Eagle book basically are that I 
> store the "secret" via DBI, and I use $r->remote_ip to
> get the user's ip address instead of just reading it 
> off of the Cookie.  Also, I have made it much more 
> configurable, and moved several things to 
> Apache::TicketTool so that most anything can be
> easliy customized by overloading methods in 
> Apache::TicketTool  and setting the dir_config item
> TicketToolClass to the name of your new package.
> Anyways, would anyone be interested in seeing this
> packaged up and put on CPAN?  I could post POD docs 
> for the three modules if people would like to see 
> that.  Let me know :)
> Thanks.
> Mike

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