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From Rafael Caceres <>
Subject Re: [ot] How to crypt the way htpasswd does...
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 00:23:58 GMT
I think we're missing something here. 
Things like:

sub do_validatepwd() {
        #See if the entered Pwd1 matches what the system has..
        my ($encryptedpwd,$Pwd1)=@_;
        my (@usrpwd);
        if ($encryptedpwd eq substr(crypt($Pwd1,substr($Pwd1,0,2)),2)) {
        } else {

work just fine in my Linux box, but they don't work in our office Digital
4100, and I haven't figured out yet how it crypts the passwords, but it's
not using the crypt routines. If anyone has figured out exactly how it
encrypts, please let me know.

Also, crypt is not DES, it's an implementation of the enigma machine.

Rafael Caceres
Information Systems Manager
Corporacion Aceros Arequipa S.A.

>Not long ago, Randal L. Schwartz proclaimed...
>> >>>>> "Doran" == Doran L Barton <> writes:
>> Doran> I've written a Perl module to manage htpasswd-style password
>> Doran> and group files called I haven't prepared it for
>> Doran> inclusion in CPAN, but you're free to download it and play with
>> Doran> it:
>> Doran>   < > 
>> And it differs from the HTTPD-Tools or HTTPD-UserManage or the
>> Apache-Htpasswd distributions already in the CPAN exactly *how*?
>> I don't think we need a *fourth* way of doing this. :)
>Hey, this is great! I wrote my module because I was unaware of
>anything else available, via CPAN or otherwise. I first wrote it about
>three years ago- so maybe these other tools were not there then.
>I'm sure these modules available via CPAN are much better than my code
>simply because they've been maintained. :-)
>Thanks Randall. I'll check them out.
>Doran L. Barton <>
>Iodynamics LLC -- "Internetworking the masses"

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