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From "Bakki Kudva" <>
Subject Re: [OT slightly] mod_perl developers (do they exist?)
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2000 18:56:55 GMT
> "Jeffrey W. Baker" wrote:

> > I can't answer your population questions, but I would say that I am an
> > expert in mod_perl.  I hired two develoeprs who didn't know a whole hell
> > of a lot about mod_perl, and I taught them all about it in five two-hour
> > tutorials.  Maybe you could hire some smart guys and teach them the way
> > of truth.

I consider myself a perl/mod_perl newbie (have been for a long time, still
trying to make that leap from "easy things are easy -> difficult things
possible  :-) I get the sense that more than a few of the gurus on this list
go thro this tutorial path for new hirees to bring them up to speed.

My suggestion would be to capture one of two of these tutorial sessions on
audio tape(assuming employer consent), edit and sync them to a bunch of HTML
slides and put the whole shebang on the Net...preferably right next to Stas'
great guide. Some nifty examples of this are at... (Bruce Eckel's nice Java into
tutorial in PDF with audio)
I for one find these audio/slide presentations the next best thing to being
there, less the huge expense of being there.

I would be willing to contribute my time to this project, which will help me
along my learning curve. I have a friend who is a TV producer (anyone
remember Milton Friedman's Free to Choose series on PBS a long time ago?)
from whom I might perhaps mooch some free audio digitizing/editing time (not
a promise)...If none of this can be done on an 'open source' basis, as does
Bruce Eckel, then we can do it on a cost recovery basis so the time
contributed by various folks (especially the Gurus) could be re-imbursed
from a reasonable subscription rate. This approach could serve the Perl
community at large if we do other topics as well. I am very curious to find
out the opinions of the folks on this list.

Just my 2cents worth.


Bakki Kudva
(Electronic Document Management Solutions)
phone: (814) 833-2592
fax:      (603) 947-5747

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