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From "Bakki Kudva" <>
Subject Re: [OT slightly] mod_perl developers (do they exist?)
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 15:21:32 GMT
Hi Stas,

> > My suggestion would be to capture one of two of these tutorial sessions
> > audio tape(assuming employer consent), edit and sync them to a bunch of
> > slides and put the whole shebang on the Net...preferably right next to
> > great guide. Some nifty examples of this are at...
> Hmm, that's what ORA did at the last Perl conference, although not with
> mod_perl talks... They have prepared the audio/video recording of the most
> popular sessions and made them available to the public. Not for free of
> course.
> You probably could have done the same at the ApacheCon, but it's over
> already.  Your next chance is the summer's OpenSource conference in
> Monterey and the autumn's next ApacheCon in London.

As I recall you gave the talk on mod_perl. Would you consent to have your
tutorial session recorded for this purpose? Any other organizational
permissions needed? I wonder if everything at the OpenSource conference
becomes O'Reilly's copyright.


Bakki Kudva
(Electronic Document Management Solutions)
phone: (814) 833-2592
fax:      (603) 947-5747

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