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From "Bakki Kudva" <>
Subject Re: [OT slightly] mod_perl developers (do they exist?)
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:06:06 GMT
> If I understand correctly the handouts and possible audio/video records
> belong to the host of the conference. Therefore you should talk to them
> about this issue. It can be ORA, Camelot or any other conference
> organizer.

In that case they would have little incentive to release this material as
they are in the business of conducting training and tutorials.

> Another possibility is to organize a training session which will be hosted
> by you for example and then you will be able to make the recording with
> the only permission of the speakers.
> Of course if your intention is to make money by selling the recordings,
> you will have to pay a certain percentage to the "artists".

This is not my line of business and so I wasn't thinking of this as a
for-profit venture. It was more of a community service project in my mind.
However a nominal charge to recover production costs, (specially if CD-ROMs
are pressed) speaker's fees etc might be ok. The whole point was to make a
tutorial available to "the rest of us" and promote further use of mod_perl.
I wasn't personally planning on profiting from this other than the learning
experience at the 'feet of the gurus' :)

> BTW, I think that if you are serious about doing this project, I believe
> that the only way to do that is in the video format. It's hard to imagine
> the slide and see where the speaker points to with his laser on the audio
> recording. Audio format is fine for keynotes, but not for tutorials.

I used to feel the same way until I saw the SUN webcasts and Bruce Eckel's
"Thinking in Java" course. The slides/audio presentation works very well
over low bandwidth connections and would be cheaper to setup than a
streaming video server. Did you check out the links I had in my original
post? Just imaging that you are in a presentation in a darkened room where
you can't see the speaker :-)


Bakki Kudva
(Electronic Document Management Solutions)
phone: (814) 833-2592
fax:      (603) 947-5747

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