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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject news bits
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:15:10 GMT
* Simon Cozens releases a document:
	Ten Perl Myths

which is somewhat similar to the one written by Adam Pisoni
	Popular Perl Complaints and Myths

* February netcraft survey :
(58% -- a rise from 5.5M to 6.4M servers relative to January)

Apache hit a new high this month, with some 58% of the internet's web
sites now running on Apache. Part of the gain came from Planet
( moving to Apache/1.3.11 from a locally modified
and rebranded earlier version of Apache with a customised server
signature. Planet hosts well over 100,000 sites including the UK's largest
dialup ISP, Freeserve. The Apache conference is to be held early next
month in Florida from 8-10th March. 

(and M$ goes down to ~22% :)

there are no reports yet about mod_perl stats, I still didn't figure out
how to find them myself at their site :(

* A bunch of Persistent:: modules have been released to CPAN, anyone has
experience with these? Notice the Persistent::DBI... how similar it to

Module          Persistent::Base
Module          Persistent::DBI 
Module          Persistent::DBM
Module          Persistent::DataType::Base
Module          Persistent::DataType::Char
Module          Persistent::DataType::DateTime
Module          Persistent::DataType::Number
Module          Persistent::DataType::String
Module          Persistent::DataType::VarChar
Module          Persistent::File
Module          Persistent::LDAP
Module          Persistent::Memory
Module          Persistent::MySQL
Module          Persistent::Oracle
Module          Persistent::Sybase
Module          Persistent::mSQL


Stas Bekman
single o-> + single o-+ = singlesheaven

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