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From Eric Cholet <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: modperl/t/net/perl
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:43:31 GMT

--On Monday, March 25, 2002 10:29:11 -0800 Doug MacEachern 
<> wrote:

> i had a bad feeling about this.  we should not be implementing
> escape_html  to begin with, the functionality should all be in apache.
> i'm going to  back out the patch.  anybody care to make a doc patch to
> explain the  problems with escape_html before the patch went in?  thanks.

I believe the patch is useful though, in cases where the charset is not 
specified and there's an odd character with the 8th bit set it will now do 
right thing. I guess a lot of US coders would fall in that situation... I 
it's faster than HTML::Entities (I haven't benchmarked it though).
So I suspect the patch will fix more situations than it breaks: if using
a single-byte non-ASCII encoding, it doesn't actually break anything, just 
bloat. If using a multi-byte encoding escape_html was broken/inapplicable 

Eric Cholet

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