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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [preview 1] new mod_perl site concept
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:41:40 GMT
Nathan Torkington wrote:

> Stas Bekman writes:
>>Notice that I've just taken a few pages together, but let me know what 
>>you think.

email at is slooooooooow :(

> Nice.  I assume that we're at the stage of criticising the design and
> not the text/  (I'd like you to use the text I came up with for my 
> experiment at

Sure, you've sent me this by email :) I didn't apply it yet.

You don't even have to critisize the design, since I'm not a designer. 
What I've done is deploying template toolkit to build the site as the 
component framework. Now if you want it to be different, it's *all* can 
be changed.

The only difference to your proposal that you've sent earlier is that I 
want re-usable elements and not having to update tens of pages if we 
change a menu or a header.

> I have some questions:
>  * why have a splash screen?  They're an incredible waste of time.  I've
>    not heard a single word in favour of them.

I know, this will be gone. I've played with a simple ttree script from 
TT2, but now I'm looking at much more advanced documentation build 
framework that Andy Wardley uses for creating TT site. That's why I 
don't even going to fix that now. I want to see if I can use it for the 
site and for the mod_perl docs. I want things like automatic pod 
translation and more.

>  * I prefer a nav bar on the left-hand side to tabs.  Does splash handle
>    that?  The way the tabs 'nest' is really ugly.

sure, that's easy to fix. Every element is a component (widget). just 
fix the existing component your way or write a new one and you are on 
your way. I'll do that at a later stage. The cool thing is that you 
don't have to change anything else, just change the menu widget and 
voila it on the left as a column.

>  * blue on blue at the bottom for the link is
>    almost unreadable

Yup, I know :)

> Thanks for making progress on this!


The only thing I want to get your comments so far is whether it's ok to 
split the current long pages into many small ones. For example you can 
see that I've split the download into a few small ones. I plan the same 
for mailing lists: a page per mailing list.

We will do the design later. The build system I'm trying to find/setup 
would be counted as perfect for us, if we can do the design at a later 
stage, without changing the spreading of the content.

Another cool thing I want to achieve is an integration between the 
site's content and the documentation, so they will look the same and 
won't change the navigation. So I'm trying to work on the two in parallel.

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