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From Nathan Torkington <>
Subject Re: /
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:03:54 GMT
Stas Bekman writes:
> Though I prefer mild colours, not shouting ones. I use the site all the 
> time, and I don't need to be shouted at. May be we want a splash page 
> just for some entrance page, which those who use the site daily don't 
> have to see. I like the colours at and even more the ones 
> used by

Splashpages are a crime against nature.  I'll leave the colors to
someone who can see them :-)

> cvs where? it has to stay at I believe.

Didn't you say that the current site is maintained with CVS?  Just
make a subdirectory /new and put the new site into that.  Work from

> Also what components framework have you used, is it Mason? Is it a 
> static page or dynamic?

All static right now.  If there's a system (e.g., Mason) being used
where it's hosted, someone else should componentize it.

I agree the order should be:
 * componentize
 * colorize
 * contentize

(You can tell I'm getting comfortable with management by the way I
hold down the English language and give it some good hard back door
action with all the "-ize"s)

> But it'd be nice to give some good web-designer do some brushing, no 
> offense Nat :) We can show it on the modperl list and ask for a better 
> look and feel from those who know how.

I've heard nothing back except from you and Ken.  If nobody offers to
tone down the colour, it's going to stay bright and gaudy.


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