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Subject cvs commit: modperl-site/embperl NEWS.pod.1.html
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 07:46:50 GMT
richter     00/12/03 23:46:50

  Added:       embperl  NEWS.pod.1.html
  Add news to embperl site
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  modperl-site/embperl/NEWS.pod.1.html
  Index: NEWS.pod.1.html
  <TITLE>News for HTML::Embperl</TITLE>
  <LINK REV="made" HREF="">
  <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
  <td valign=bottom align=center>
      <font size=6><strong>
  <A NAME="News_for_HTML_Embperl">News for HTML::Embperl</a></strong></font>
  </td><td rowspan=2 align=right></td>
  </tr><tr><td  valign=top  align=center>
  <img src="line.jpg" alt="________" WIDTH="732" HEIGHT="35" >
  [<a href="" >HOME</a>]&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><hr>
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="4">4. Dec 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  After nearly a year of beta test, the final 1.3.0 release is out. Beside a
  lot of enhancements, EmbperlObject which allows you to build your web site
  out of small reusable objects in a OO-style, is the main improvement since
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="1">1. Dec 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  The slides from my talk on the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention are
  now available at <A
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="15">15. Nov 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b7 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="18">18. Oct 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b6 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="20">20. Aug 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b5 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="17">17. July 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b4 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="22">22. Juni 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  On the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention there is again a talk about
  Embperl Embperl - From Embedding Perl into HTML to Objects and XML
  Slides are available at
  =item * 26. May 2000 
  Embperl RPMs available  
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="26">26. Apr 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b3 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="25">25. Apr 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Perlmonth starts a new article series about Embperl 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="16">16. Apr 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Added page about syntaxfiles for various editors  
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="20">20. Mar 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl now has it's own Mailinglist  
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="13">13. Mar 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Tallyman is a free content management and shopping system based on Embperl  
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG>13. Mar 2000</STRONG><br>
  Apache::iNcom is a free Web E-Commerce Application Framework based on
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="11">11. Feb 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.3b2 released. This release contains the new EmbperlObject which
  really simplify building a website out of small reusable pieces 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="5">5. Jan 2000</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2.1 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="20">20. Dec 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Added Introduction to DBIx::Recordset 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="4">4. Dec 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Added Page with WorldWide Mirrors 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="17">17. Nov 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2.0 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="4">4. Nov 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b11 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="7">7. Oct 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b10 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="10">10. Sept 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b9 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG>10. Sept 99</STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b9 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="9">9. Sept 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b8 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="8">8. Sept 99</A></STRONG><br>
  German Embperl Website is online 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="30">30. Aug 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b7 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="19">19. Aug 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b6 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="12">12. Aug 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Article in german Unix magazine iX 9/99 about Embperl and DBIx::Recordset 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="May">May/April/June 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Perlmonth has a column about Embperl 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="5">5. July 99</A></STRONG><br>
  Embperl 1.2b5 released 
  <br>&nbsp;<LI><STRONG><A NAME="1">1. July 99</A></STRONG><br>
  On the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention there are two talks about
  Embperl Embperl and DBIx::Recordset -- How to Easily Build a Database
  Driven Web Site
  New Stuff: Embedding Perl 
  <p>[<a href="" >HOME</a>]&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
      <font color="#808080">___________________________________________________________________________________<br>
      HTML::Embperl - Copyright (c) 1997-2000 Gerald Richter / <a href="">ecos

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