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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: modperl/eg
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 04:02:40 GMT
> I'd think to leave it as it is, and while creating the mod_perl-2.0 start
> *everything* from scratch so no old broken stuff would get there.

well, 1.xx should continue for a while, it can't hurt to weed out obsolete
> As for cross references to eg/ from other places
>   find . -type f -exec grep -l 'eg/' {} \; 
> might do the job :)

sure, but i still would have had to edit the docs by hand, which i didn't
have time for that night :)
> > i could probably just nuke all the docs and point
> > to the guide!
> This is the status:
> I think I've incorporated all of the docs but mod_perl.pod,
> mod_perl_method_handlers.pod and mod_perl_cvs.pod at the root
> In the faq directory only mod_perl_api.pod is not inside
> All the INSTALL.* are in the install.html of the Guide with extended
> notes and platform specific notes, including the latest raven addition
> (will show up in the new release of the Guide). Well all but INSTALL.win32
> and INSTALL.activeperl - I don't mess with WIndoze
> I think everything in ./eg was incorporated
> and for ./benchmark/ you saw me releasing the new benchmark suite, which
> eventually would be nice to integrate with mod_perl itself. 

wow, seems much more than a "guide" now :)
> And as I've offered before you can distribute the guide pods in the dist
> or we can put it as a separate package next to the mod_perl in the /dist.

we can think about it for 2.0, but since the guide changes far more often
than a mod_perl release happens, it seems like a good idea to keep them as
two packages.  since the guide is on cpan now, is it possible to add
mod_perl::guide to Bundle::Apache ?

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