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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: modperl-2.0/lib/ModPerl
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2000 17:49:42 GMT
> The only question I still want to ask you is why do we care about the
> parse time, when mod_perl is a preloaded and precompiled. 

again, this is not the only reason.  however, i do think it's important to
speed up parse time if possible.  
consider t/TEST
        print "still waiting for server to warm up...";
    for (1..4) {
        sleep $_;
        if (simple_fetch "/test.html") {
            print "ok\n";
        else {
            print "...";

that is sad.  consider PerlFreshRestart and graceful restart.
it doesn't take much effort to type '' instead of "".  it might not make
that much of a difference in parse time, but it doesn't hurt either.
can we please drop this topic, there's plenty more important things to
worry about.

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