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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: rewrite of Apache::SizeLimit
Date Sun, 15 Aug 1999 06:26:23 GMT
> > So first I've changed the name from Apache::SizeLimit to Apache::Limit,
> > since it's going to be a much wider range of limits, than just Size...
> great work Stas!  I suggested Apache::GTopLimit to you before (still in
> my .sent-mail):

This is weird, for it's a second time you resend me an email that has
never reached me :( I think there is at least one another email that
wasn't answered from you

> ---
> I wonder if you should just start a new Apache::GTopLimit module?  and
> leave SizeLimit as is.  for two reasons,
> 1) since libgtop is not yet ported everywhere / not installed everywhere
> 2) since we are trying to limit size, better sense to have a slimmer
> module
> in fact, I might consider writing a mod_sizelimit in C, based on your Perl
> version :)

> I think "Apache::Limit" is far to broad a name.

Ok, So what is the consensus: 
* Apache::GTopLimit 
* Apache::GTop::Limit
* Apache::Limit::GTop

with the second choice, we could have later:
Apache::GTop::Status - since GTop is perfect for making system status
presentation. One of the things I want Apache::GTop::Status to be is the
same as mod_info, but also showing off the SHARED, which is pretty

GTop provides also info for netstat and other resources.

BTW, I want to go further and make Apache::GTop::Limit limit on total
memory usage and not just per process, since I don't care if my process is
big, while I have enough total free memory and its a waste to kill it off.
Killing on 2 factors - shortage of total free memory and process's size
seems to me a much better approach (with a little more overhead ofcourse)

Stas Bekman  
Perl,CGI,Apache,Linux,Web,Java,PC at  &  ==  ||
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