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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Re:
Date Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:37:22 GMT
On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Matt Sergeant wrote:

> > The benches I'm maintaining are "Hello World"... I think
> > Matt was going to work on "Real World", but perhaps you'd
> > like that, or some more clever title?
> What I was working on was a spec for a "Real World" app that would then
> have to be implemented in the different languages. And also a spec for
> what results were required, and some definitions of how we were going to
> make the benchmarks more realistic. Let me know if I'm wasting my time.

[ CC'ing modperl-cvs so Doug and others can see ]

It sure sounds interesting, although I could be afraid that it easily
could end up giving certain languages with certain features or effective
ways to implement certain applications great advantages. The test will be
a lot more advanced and might be more "real" than the hello world test,
but it's still just a benchmark of a very specific application in a very
specific environment.

(quoting the rest of your mail for modperl-cvs to see if you want to)
> What I had also intended to do was provide a web form on
> that you entered the benchmark data into and it saved it as XML. I could
> then leave the final format till later, and besides - I like playing
> with XML.
> A preview to what's coming is that It's a web based calendar, you have
> to implement a database interface, authentication, user-configuration,
> updates, selects, and outputting a HTML table containing the calendar,
> and user-info. There only has to be one screen. I'll supply the table
> spec (although you're free to index it however you like in an effort to
> improve your benchmarks), and the data for the tables (I'll try and make
> the contents larger than most DBMS's page sizes), and a picture of the
> resulting output (you only have to make it look the same - not produce
> identical output). You (or whoever) provides benchmarks of hits per
> second for both static HTML of a certain file-size, and for the
> script/app. The result is the percentage difference.
> There's a lot more detail in the document I'm writing - although because
> the doc is so long I don't know if I'll have time to implement an
> example...
> I'll post it to when I'm done for a peer review. Then
> I think it would be good to post it to lots of different lists (e.g. ASP
> lists, cold fusion list, velocigen list, PerlEx list, etc). I also think
> it might be good to post it to slashdot, although I don't know if my
> server could stand the effect... :)
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