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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: High traffic on the modperl list, creating new lists
Date Tue, 13 Jul 1999 08:09:13 GMT
> > Have you noticed a _slightly_ big traffic on the modperl list lately? The
> > problem is that people get unsubscribed, since they cannot stand the load.
> I don't believe the problem is that big, the subscriber list is still
> growing.

I've got a few personal emails stating that

> People can also read from the archives and post without being subscribed.
> That said, I agree with you - the traffic is a little too much.
> > Without offending anyone. What do you think about moving 'make' problems
> > to modperl-build-list, and maybe embperl to modperl-embperl-list ? Thus
> > people who join the mod_perl community wouldn't be hauled by so many
> > emails? 
> We already have; Gerald should just choose to start
> using it. :-)


> I don't have any numbers, but I doubt the modperl-build list would take
> very much traffic from the main list.  (?)
> > BTW, we do move all the discussions of mod_perl garden project to a
> > separate list, in case you suspect me as a major traffic generator :) 
> I'm sure we can get a list for you guys if you
> want to keep it in a similar "namespace". I haven't followed the
> discussion very close though, because I'm way too busy already so I
> wouldn't like to end up getting involved in more ... :-]

I dunno yet, we probably want to pick a generic domain as email from Pat
stated like or to create a subnet of
opensource projects for modperl (, guile
( and alike. I'm also in contact with Brian B., but
I don't have any results yet. But as I said we will move the project
discussion soon, but it'll not cut the traffic significantly.

Stas Bekman  
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