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Subject A habitual politician is a habitual politician. Let's give them a vacation.
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

* Presidential Primary, On-Line, Nationwide, July 4, 1999 
On the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from an English habitual politician,
King George III, please help end the current reign of habitual politicians. Help legitimize
on-line democracy with your nominee for President. 

Reform American Politics at the national, state and local level by proving out a zero-cost
primary and election process. There is no charge. In fact, you will receive lifehour tax credits
for your contribution. If we can use computer to work and shop from home, how soon before
we start using them to govern from home? It's up to you. 


This ad is being sent in compliance with Senate bill 1618, Title 3, section 301. http/

Provided as a community service by Bob Barnett, 212 W. Broad, Richmond, VA, 804-344-4441.

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