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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: mod_perl Documentation..
Date Mon, 08 Feb 1999 18:48:16 GMT

>I don't think duplication can or should be avoided.  Docs, guide, faq
>and book all provide information at different levels of detail for
>different audiences - well, for the same audience in different
>contexts.  Starting out with mod_perl?  Sit down and read the guide
>from start to finish.  Got a problem?  Grep the faq for a couple of
>keywords before asking on the mailing list.

of course, you're right.  I was just thinking about the trickyness of
keeping the similar info bits in sync across the various docs.

>That's not to say that things can't be improved.  I am certainly aware
>that I haven't been maintaining the faq very diligently, and I have a
>suitably guilty conscience about that :-)

get on it then! ;-)


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