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From lurker above>
Subject Re: modperl-site's face liftup
Date Fri, 08 Jan 1999 20:20:45 GMT
On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Stas Bekman wrote:

sbekma> Why do you think the WML will fit better?
sbekma> (Personal Experience?) WML is a new for me,
sbekma> I'm not sure it worth the time to learn
sbekma> it...

indeed, personal experience. we use wml as a perl source
code preprocessor at cp, but that really only uses a tiny
bit of its power (the eperl pass).

wml is a wrapper around several different pieces of
software, which it applies to the input file in a series of
nine `passes'. it handles nested file includes, arbitrarily
defined html tags, m4 macros, embedded perl via eperl,
perl-style here docs, etc.

there is an auxiliary tool `wmk' which seems to operate akin
to make. i've never used it, but it might be handy in this

our intranet publishing system at cp utilizes a cvs commit
script that triggers a cvs update on the intranet server. we
could use a similar system and run wml over the source tree
via make after updating.

sbekma> I went to the URL above, but the site "has
sbekma> died in my hands" - the server went offline
sbekma> after a few clicks :(

yah somebody else said the same thing a few minutes ago.
keep trying.

               Brian Moseley,  Chief Suspect

         DBI.c:1954: warning: unused variable `ix' - can you guess my url? i knew you could

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