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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject RE: modperl-site's face liftup
Date Sat, 09 Jan 1999 18:36:47 GMT
> > I liked the best (The menus). Can gimp produce the
> > graphics like this site's one (just in case you know)?  Do you have some
> > ready sources to start from (I mean the templates or whatever you call
> > them) - might save us a lot of time. Thank you. 
> > 
> I have a graphics designer that can produce graphics for the new site, if needed.

I saw gets the graphics from some cool graphic designer. 
If we get a set of cool images, might be a good idea. But what we want is
a very light site, with fast download times. I thought some tiny menu
images might be enough (or with no graphics at all). Since there is a
problem to create new items for the menu after a while when you want to
change the menu (you don't remember the exact font/size/bevel you have
used), you end up remaking the whole menu. So I thought gimp or
ImageMagick might do it from the command line... 

But if we do pick some designer, it can be a fresh idea to personate the
mod_perl like again did with apache indean's image, I
liked it. May be the image from book? But may be I'm wrong...

Stas Bekman  
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