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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: face lift
Date Fri, 08 Jan 1999 16:41:46 GMT

>2) Source repository the Builder works on (all the source files will be
>uploaded by developers) (The cvs includes lots of stuff that we don't want

Keep in mind the cvs "snapshot" on can be pruned of any
files we do not want online.  The 'make cvs_commit' can always run a remote
ssh command to run Builder out of another directory.  For example, the snapshots are created via crontab and a script
living in Ben Laurie's home directory.

>	||
>	\/
>3) Builder takes the files from the source pool and create either the
>snap-shot of the site or the real site (he can always create a snapshot,
>and the update of the real site will come from the snap-shot)
>Stage 2 is needed since the cvs is not complient with the dir layout of
>the site's directories and it includes unwanted stuff. Ofcourse we can
>hardcode the names into the Builder but that brakes a ot of flexibility)

We can shift the current modperl-site cvs structure to suit our new needs.
I think it is fine if the modperl-site directory on
contains files generated by Builder, that are not under cvs control.


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