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Subject cvs commit: modperl-site/dist apache-modlist.html
Date Tue, 09 Jun 1998 17:08:47 GMT
dougm       98/06/09 10:08:46

  Modified:    dist     apache-modlist.html
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +31 -23    modperl-site/dist/apache-modlist.html
  Index: apache-modlist.html
  RCS file: /export/home/cvs/modperl-site/dist/apache-modlist.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.3
  retrieving revision 1.4
  diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
  --- apache-modlist.html	1998/05/05 22:43:22	1.3
  +++ apache-modlist.html	1998/06/09 17:08:45	1.4
  @@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
   <title>The Apache/Perl Module List</title>
  -<!-- Changed by: Doug MacEachern, 30-Nov-1997 -->
  +<!-- Changed by: Doug MacEachern,  9-Jun-1998 -->
   <h1>The Apache/Perl Module List</h1>
   Maintained by <a href="">Doug MacEachern</a>,
  -<br><i> $Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 1998/05/05 22:43:22 $</i>
  +<br><i> $Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 1998/06/09 17:08:45 $</i>
   <a href="#intro">Introduction</a><br>
  @@ -17,8 +17,7 @@
   <a href="#contacts">Contacts</a><br>
   <a href="#info">More Info</a><br>
  -<a name="intro">
  +<h3><a name="intro">Introduction</a></h3>
   The Apache/Perl module list is here for the same reason as the
   main <a href="">
   Perl module list</a>, to change duplication of effort into cooperation 
  @@ -41,8 +40,7 @@
   can step in during a stage of a request with <b>Perl*Handler</b> callbacks.
   You'll also see how and when to use the Apache API methods.
  -<a name="part">
  -<h3>Playing Your Part</h3>
  +<h3><a name="part">Playing Your Part</a></h3>
   Apache and Perl are world-wide collaborative efforts, naturally, the 
   Apache/Perl integration project is the same.<br>
   You've started on the right foot simply by reading this document, thanks!<br>
  @@ -64,12 +62,13 @@
   % h2xs -AX -n Apache::YourPackageName
  -<a name="modules">
  -<h3>The Apache/Perl modules</h3>
  +<h3><a name="modules">The Apache/Perl modules</a></h3>
   * PerlHandler's
  +Archive		i	List archive contents			PETERSON
  +ASP		i	Implement Active Server Pages		CHAMAS
   CallHandler	cdpf	Map filenames to subroutine calls	GKNOPS
   Dir		i	OO (subclassable) mod_dir replacement 	DOUGM
   Embperl		bdcf	Embed Perl in HTML			GRICHTER
  @@ -81,6 +80,7 @@
   OutputChain     bmpO	Chain output of stacked handlers	JANPAZ
   PassFile	bdpf	Send file via OutputChain		ANDK
   PerlRun		bmpf	Run unaltered CGI scripts		APML
  +RandomLocation	bdpf	Random image display 			MDARWIN
   Registry	Rmpf	Run unaltered CGI scripts 		APML
   RobotRules	bdpf	Enforce robot rules (robots.txt)	PARKER
   Sandwich	bmpf	Layered document (sandwich) maker	DOUGM
  @@ -101,8 +101,10 @@
   AuthenDBI	bmpO	Authenticate via Perl's DBI		MERGL
   AuthExpire	cmpO	Expire Basic auth credentials		DOUGM
   AuthenGSS	cdpf    Generic Security Service (RFC 2078)	DOUGM
  +AuthenIMAP	bdpf	Authentication via an IMAP server	MICB
   AuthenLDAP	i	LDAP authentication module		MARKK
   AuthNIS		bdpf	NIS authentication and authorization	DOUGM
  +AuthenRaduis	bdpf	Authentication via a Radius server	DANIEL
   AuthenSmb	bdpf	Authenticate against NT server		PARKER
   BasicCookieAuth	cdpf	Accept cookie or basic auth creds	PMKANE
   DBILogin	bdpf	Authenticate to backend database 	JGROENVEL
  @@ -138,6 +140,7 @@
   Timeit		bmpf	Benchmark PerlHandlers			APML
   * PerlLogHandler's
  +DBILogConfig	bdpf	Custom format logging via DBI		JBODNAR
   DBILogger	bdpf	Logging via DBI				ABH
   DumpHeaders	bdpf	Watch HTTP transaction via headers	DOUGM
   Traffic		bdpf	Logs bytes transferred, per-user basis 	MAURICE
  @@ -149,7 +152,7 @@
   * Server Configuration
   ConfigLDAP	i	Config via LDAP and &lt;Perl&gt;		MARKK
   ConfigDBI	i	Config via DBI and &lt;Perl&gt;		MARKIM
  -ModuleConfig	cmcO	Interface to configuration API		DOUGM
  +ModuleConfig	bmcO	Interface to configuration API		APML
   PerlSections	bmpO	Utilities for &lt;Perl&gt; sections		APML
   httpd_conf	bmpO	Methods to configure and run an httpd	APML
   src		ampO	Finding and reading bits of source	APML
  @@ -171,7 +174,9 @@
   Options		Rmpf	Import Apache::Constants 'options'	APML
   Scoreboard	cmcO	Interface to scoreboard API		DOUGM
   Servlet		ampO	Interface to the Java Servlet engine	IKLUFT
  -Sfio		cmcO	Interface to r->connection->client->sf* DOUGM
  +Sfio		cmcO	Interface to r-&gt;connection-&gt;client-&gt;sf* DOUGM
  +Tie		bmcO	Tie interfaces to Apache structures 	APML
  +Util		cmcf	Interface to Apache's util*.c functions	APML
   * Development and Debug tools
   Debug		Rmpf	mod_perl debugging utilities		APML
  @@ -193,13 +198,12 @@
   RegistryLoader	bmpf	Apache::Registry startup script loader 	APML
   Request		bmpO functionality using API methods	LDS
   Safe		ampO	Adaptation of "safecgiperl"		APML
  -Session		cmpf	Maintain client <-> httpd session/state	JBAKER
  +Session		ampO	Maintain client &lt;-&gt; httpd session/state	JBAKER
   SIG		amoO	Signal handlers for mod_perl		APML
   State		i	Powerful state engine			RSE
  -<a name="where">
  -<h3>Where Are The Modules Kept?</h3>
  +<h3><a name="where">Where Are The Modules Kept?</a></h3>
   Modules listed with the <b>APML</b> as is contact are part of the 
   mod_perl distribution package.  Other modules can be found on CPAN
   the <a href="">
  @@ -212,36 +216,41 @@
   Otherwise, feel free to ask the contact author or the list
   how you can go about getting your hands on a copy.
  -<a name="contacts">
  +<h3><a name="contacts">Contacts</a></h3>
   ABH  	 Ask Bjørn Hansen &lt;;
   ANDK	 Andreas König &lt;a.koenig@franz.ww.TU-Berlin.DE&gt;
   APML	 The Apache/Perl Mailing List &lt;;
   BMILLETT Brian Millett &lt;;
  +CHAMAS	 Joshua Chamas &lt;;
  +DANIEL	 Daniel &lt;;
   DOUGB    Doug Bagley &lt;;
  -DOUGM	 Doug MacEachern &lt;;
  +DOUGM	 Doug MacEachern &lt;;
   EBARTLEY Eric Bartley  &lt;;
   FLETCH   Mike Fletcher &lt;;
   GKNOPS	 Gerd Knops &lt;;
   GRICHTER Gerald Richter &lt;;
   HMUELLER Hanno Mueller &lt;;
   IKLUFT	 Ian Kluft &lt;;
  -JANPAZ	 Honza Pazdziora &lt;adelton@INFORMATICS.MUNI.CZ&gt;
  -JBAKER   Jeffrey Baker &lt;;
  -JGROV	 John D Groenveld &lt;;
  +JANPAZ	 Honza Pazdziora &lt;;
  +JBAKER   Jeffrey Baker &lt;;
  +JBODNAR	 Jason Bodnar &lt;;
  +JGROV	 John D Groenveld &lt;;
   JROWE	 Jeff Rowe &lt;;
   KWILLIAM Ken Williams  &lt;;
   LDS	 Lincoln D. Stein &lt;;
   MARKC	 Mark Constable &lt;;
   MARKIM	 Mark A. Imbriaco &lt;;
   MARKK	 Mark Kennedy &lt;;
  -MAURICE	 Maurice Aubrey &lt;maurice@HEVANET.COM&gt
  +MAURICE	 Maurice Aubrey &lt;
  +MDARWIN	 Matthew Darwin &lt;;
   MDORMAN	 Michael Alan Dorman  &lt;;
   MERGL	 Edmund Mergl &lt;;
   MJS      Michael Smith &lt;;
  +MICB  	 Malcolm Beattie &lt;;
   NJENSEN	 Neil Jensen &lt;;
   PARKER	 Michael Parker &lt;;
  +PETERSON Jonathan Peterson &lt;;
   PLISTER  Peter Lister &lt;;
   PMKANE	 Patrick Michael Kane &lt;;
   RMANGI   Rick Mangi &lt;;
  @@ -252,8 +261,7 @@
   ZENIN	 Byron Brummer &lt;;
  -<a name="info">
  -<h3>More Info</h3>
  +<h3><a name="info">More Info</a></h3>
   See the Apache/Perl <a href="">homepage</a>.
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