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From Gerald Richter <>
Subject Re: Patch for building Embperl with Perl 5.28 (was: Re: Proposal to remove Embperl from Debian)
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 13:42:35 GMT
Hi Axel,

happy to hear from you. Thanks very much for the patch. I try to find some spare time during
the next weeks to build and release a new Version of Embperl including your patch



----- Urspr√ľngliche Mail -----
Von: "Axel Beckert" <>
An: "Gerald Richter, ECOS Technology" <>
CC: "Dominic Hargreaves" <>, "embperl" <>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018 02:45:15
Betreff: Patch for building Embperl with Perl 5.28 (was: Re: Proposal to remove Embperl from

Hi Gerald,

Gerald Richter wrote on Sun, May 27, 2018 at 05:44:30PM +0200:
> As Dominic already wrote it's usually not much effort to adapt it to
> a new Perl version, but setting up the test environment takes time.

At least on Debian, Dominic's APT repository on helps a lot. But I suppose, your development
environment isn't really a Debian Unstable. :-)

> So if anybody can help with testing, I would like to keep Embperl
> working and also as part of Debian (any other distros).

Just uploaded a fixed libembperl-perl package to Debian Unstable with
all these patches applied:

I'll also try to continue to take care of Embperl in Debian as before.
But Dominic's mail came during my holidays and I only noticed the
removal discussion rather late. (I hopefully killed that removal
discussion for now with my fix and upload. At least Embperl is
recognized as blocker for the Perl 5.28 transition in Debian. :-)

Relevant for building with Perl 5.28 is mostly this patch:

I've also attached it to this mail. It's basically just fixing the
test suite as there's code in there which relied on undefined
behaviour. And that behaviour changed with Perl 5.28 due to some
performance optimizations. (Patch tested against Perl 5.26 and 5.28.)

Starting from a vanilla Embperl, those patches for Perl 5.20 and 5.22
need to be applied first, too, of course. Others, like the patch for
compatibility with recent versions and the one fixing unescaped
left braces very likely need to be applied, too, to build Embperl on
an uptodate system.

	Regards to all at ECOS who still know me :-) -- Axel
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